stuffing book bags for books for newborns

As an all-volunteer not-for-profit, Books for Newborns welcomes and depends heavily upon the generosity of individuals and organizations who donate one or more of “the three T’s” that make every charity work:  time, talent and/or treasure.

Individuals and organizations who want to get involved in the work that we do – whether once, only occasionally or on an ongoing basis — can help by donating:


Cash, “like new” used children’s books and/or other goods and services.


You can serve your community in a number of ways through Books for Newborns, including:

  • Volunteering to pack book bags, conduct book drives among the groups to which you belong, sort donated books by age and reading confidence levels and/or deliver book bags to the partners through whom we work.
  • Identifying additional delivery or collaboration partners who have common missions and serve the same populations of children that we do.
  • Identifying additional foundations, corporations, service organizations and individuals who might find our work of interest

We’re always looking for people to fill key roles critical in implementing our services throughout the metro area. These include serving on a committee through which our work gets done; participating in planning, promoting and hosting our annual Oktoberfest fund-raising event; and/or spreading the word about Books for Newborns through social media.

Since beginning in early 2017, more than 300 individuals and organizations have made both large and small contributions that have empowered us to buy books for “at risk” kids.  Dozens of volunteers – as individuals, as families doing “give back” activities and as school groups seeking service hours – have donated their time.

Contact us today and we will get back to you shortly about volunteering.