In memory of

Our Founder and our friend – Richard Nix, Sr. — died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 84 in early September 2021.

Visionary. Successful entrepreneur. Husband. Father. Friend. Richard was one of the kindest, most other-directed people we have ever known. Humble about his accomplishments. Grateful for help from others, no matter how small. Fiercely proud of his family, his wife Jane, all his offspring and their own. And of his many friends.

Ever giving, after years of service to others with Meals on Wheels and the St. Vincent De Paul Society among others, he launched Books for Newborns at the ripe young age of 78. Though he knew he would never see the full impact of his vision in just 5 short years he got to see more than 16,500 children receive the gift of reading. And he left us confident that there will be thousands and thousands more to come because he had made the time to envision, to create and to build the base from which great things are still to come. A role model final chapter for all of us to read, to respect and admire and to share by our example.

He left a wonderful legacy. We are sorry he and we met so late in our lives. We wish we could have spent more time with him.

Knowing Richard, he’s probably asking St. Peter where he needs help right now.

RIP Senior. Books for Newborns has lost its best friend. But we will continue to make you proud. And we are all better for having had you in our lives.